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Alright, so... You're probably wondering what's going on here. That's why I titled this page "What's going on here?" See how clever I am? CLEVER!

Anyway, I thought I'd start an author collaboration. Why? Because all other collaborations I've seen are either completely random or feature comics totally unrelated to each other, with each author off doing his/her own thing.

That's not what I want.

I think what I'm going for is more of a roleplay. 'Cept with pictures. =3
I want the main focus of this comic to be the interactions between the authors themselves (or whatever character you use to represent you; it doesn't necessarily have to be anything like you). That's one of the reasons I'm limiting the number of authors to seven eight ten; it's easier to keep together. Don't worry, we don't always have to be in the same room, but interaction is preferred. Splitting into groups is fine, as long as you're with someone else and plan on eventually rejoining everyone else. In addition, to keep things from getting too crazy, I'd like each author to limit him- or herself to only one main character, if possible. A few exceptions exist; your best bet is to PM Dark_Link777 if you have any questions.

Bear in mind that these are rough guidelines, hopefully to be refined as time goes on. Don't worry too much if you break a rule.

Speaking of rules, there really aren't many. I personally don't condone harsh language nor adult situations, but I won't stop you from doing it. The worse that'll happen is you'll get a lecture from my character.

Oh, one important rule, though... No killing off other people's characters without their consent. Minor injuries are fine, but anything permanent needs consent. Same goes for anything your character does that impedes another's ability to act. For example, beating them unconscious or rendering them completely immobile (with perhaps some rope and tape).

As far as a story goes... Well, read on. This is just a summary of the "days" before.

Day 1Day One began with Mike idly waiting for some tenants to arrive, and becoming increasingly bored while he did so. Eventually, however, Sovern answered the call and asked for a room. Akito tripped in right on her heels and Mike, eager to have new tenants, took them on a rapid-fire tour of the house. However, while he had done so, a wild Amanda had managed to get in; this directly caused Mike to instate a new rule regarding the front door. Sovern attempted to capture the Amanda with a Pokeball, but found it consumed (much to her chagrin). Mike took the much saner route of offering her a room.

A brick was then flung through a window, shattering the glass and causing a shard to be embedded in the Amanda's skull. The brick thrower was immediately berated by Mike as she climbed in, which meant that he wasn't watching the Amanda go answer the door. Angel, who had thrown the brick, almost went with her, but Mike persuaded her to stay behind and went himself. This led to Ella, the one knocking at the door, being greeted with the unusual sight of a bleeding girl and a somewhat cynical man. However, she was much more interested in Akito, who she had spotted behind the pair, and attempted unsuccessfully to hook up with him while the Amanda removed the shard and a small portion of her brain.

Mike, finding this to be increasingly ridiculous, decided to go lie down for a bit. However, Angel interrupted him and tried to cheer him up by stripping suggesting they go swimming, but he followed through with his original plan. Ellen meanwhile attempted to convince Akito to go on a date with her (and maybe get the Amanda to a hospital as well). Sovern, feeling highly stressed, began to beg Mike to let her into his room, when the Amanda confronted her with an innocent grin. Mike, opening the door, felt compelled to explain the concept of bleeding to the Amanda, which visibly upset her, and then patching her up. It was at this time that Angel somehow managed to get everybody but Sovern out to the pool.

Angel then dived headlong into the pool, causing everybody to get wet and the Amanda to lose her glasses. While searching for them, the Amanda found not one, but MANY fish sandwiches on the ground, thereby satisfying Ella's wish for dinner. Akito and Mike went inside, with Akito falling asleep on the couch before mike made it to his room... where he found Sovern and her cat playing video games. This led to an awkward but charming conversation, which was totally ignored by the readers in favor of Ella's random Pajama Party.

Ella had decided to make banana bread for the party, but found the bananas had run away, which led to the oven spontaneously catching on fire. Fortuntly, Akito came to the rescue and put out the flames, though the smoke remained in annoying levels. The burning smell broke up Mike and Sovern's conversation, as he rushed off to check on it. The evil bananas were universally blamed for the accident.

Rick then approached Mike, informing him that he was a new tenant, and walked away and battled a boogy man for a room. Akito also left the scene of the crime, selecting a room for himself, while Sovern simply fell asleep in Mike's room. The Amanda and Angel then selected the final room, which they found had a nice lamp, while Ella asked to room with Akto. Mike entered his room and found the sleeping Sovern, but decided not to wake her, instead taking the floor like a gentleman. However, Sovern awoke, placing Mike in his bed, and promising hem that she'd watch over him....