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Here's a map of the house:

Not pictured: The attic, which can be reached via trapdoor in the ceiling. In the corner of the living room, there's a rope/string hanging from the ceiling. Pulling that reveals a set of stairs leading to the attic.
Mike is the man who bought the house, fully trusting it to be safe and secure. He placed an ad in the paper in hopes of gathering tenants who would pay off his mortgage loan. Needless to say, he was totally unprepared for what happened next... Mike also has an unfortunate habit of getting a crush on nearly every girl he meets.
Sovern was the first to answer the call of the ad, out of sheer desperation to find some pace to live. She and Mike immediately had a chemistry, although neither have openly acknowledged it. Sov is somewhat antisocial, having problems relating to other females. EDIT: Sovern was dropped due to inactivity. ;~;
Zombie is Sov's cat, who travels with her everywhere. Calm and collected, he can often be seen lazing around the area. He seems to be able to speak; however, as apparently only Sov hears him, this is debatable. Edit: When Sov left, so did Zombs.
Akito followed almost literally on the heels of Sov, his light-hearted personality hiding a slow but intelligent mind. It has been revealed that he is a weapons tester and was indirectly responsible for the rain of fish sandwiches. We can only assume he paid the truck driver's medical bills...
Amanda could be described as air-headed, but perhaps a better term would be innocent. She wandered into the house and picked a room for no better reason then the front door was open. Despite her constantly happy personality, it is NOT WISE to approach her in the morning... at all. Edit: Amanda's player left, but we asked if we could keep her character around, and she said yes. Yay! But also boo. :/
Angel is a happy, girly, and above all intelligent person. It's just that she gets distracted so much that she--Excuse me--No Angel, you cannot have candy! Um... oh great she's crying... LOOK SOMETHING SHINEY! Phew. Like I said, girly and lovable but easily distracted.
Ella is a cheery and bright girl whose profession has led to her being completely desensitized to blood, gore, and the like. Despite her apparent toughness, she does have a soft side, generally shown around Akito. Let us pray she never brings her work home with her... Edit: Ella's player left, and so did Ella.
Rick, unlike most of the cast, is relatively normal. True, he's into games, and true, he's a hard-core rocker, but really, people like him appear in all comics. It's a conspiracy, folks, don't you forget it! Edit: Rick's player has also left, and Rick went with him.
Mikio was a rather interesting person, but he wasn't around long enough to really get a good idea of who he was. He was involved in some sort of suspicious activity with Kae, though.
Kae Hensen was a gender-ambiguous person with a mysterious agenda, but he or she left before we really got a chance to find out what that was. Kae did, however, discover the scorpion in the attic.
Duzie was a little rodent-looking thing that held signs to communicate rather than talking. However, he was destroyed and revealed to be a robot scout for Setzu.
Felix was a rather shy boy who had was unfortunate enough to draw the attention of both Angel and Amanda upon getting to the house. However, his player left, and Felix pretty much just disappeared. Escaped, perhaps you could say.
Turtle is an extremely shy girl who's just trying to find a nice place to live. She happened to stumble upon the SSOC house. She appears to be able to turn into an actual turtle for whatever reason.
Orreo Phillis is a somewhat bipolar magician with a magic bag named Black Hole that she can pull random things out of. Black Hole appears to be at least partially sentient.
Setzu seems to be a fairly normal person, though he did make the robot Duzie to scout out the house before he actually revealed himself.
Star Cross is a kind girl with a pet bird named Hanna who seems to have a penchant for getting herself into trouble.